Course Information

Stress reduction courses

Dates and venues for upcoming courses are here.

The courses are highly participatory, supportive, and structured and will provide you with:

  • guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
  • gentle mindful stretches and mindful walking
  • an enquiry process to deepen individual and group understanding to support in `bringing us home` to being more present in our lives
  • enhanced awareness of everyday life. Being alive  – living rather than surviving or `waiting`.
  • Less reactivity –  building a greater ability to respond to life’s demands and difficulties with skill, wisdom and self kindness

The programme is challenging and life affirming requiring a high level of ongoing commitment to yourself and the home practice. Home practice is a a major part of the course and will involve guided Mindfulness practices of about 45 minutes a day. All materials needed will be provided including mindfulness practice CDs and a handbook.

The teachers of the courses are experienced and skilled,  creating a safe, trustworthy and deeply engaging experiential learning environment to enable you to increase self understanding and compassion and support the integration of  mindfulness into your everyday life.

Outline of sessions.
All our mindfulness courses will follow the same session content
First meeting – Orientation session
Session 1  – Introducing mindfulness
Session 2 –  Exploring perception
Session 3 – The power of being present
Session 4 –  Exploring stress and the difficult
Session 5 –  Acceptance, allowing, letting be
Session 6 – Bringing mindfulness into relationships
Retreat day
Session 7 – Mindfulness and life style choices
Session 8 – Acceptance and change

What to bring and wear
Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat/ blanket, and cushions.  You will need these for every session.

Costs of courses
Our detailed here