Costs for Individuals

Cost for our courses include an orientation phone call,  9 sessions, a handbook and Cd’s and support between sessions if needed.

In order to remain as accessible to as many as possible we endeavor to keep costs for individuals as low as possible.

The rates for our courses are at different levels

  • Our Standard Rate covers the basic costs of running our courses. We ask you, if you can, to pay this rate.
  • The Sponsor Rate is an invitation to those who would like to contribute to keeping our courses accessible to as many as possible by paying a higher rate, and therefore ‘sponsoring’ someone else to come on a course. The extra money goes directly into our support fund. This fund enables those who otherwise would not be able to come on courses at a subsidised rate. On behalf of those that you help we are extremely grateful for your generosity.
  •  Our intention is to be able to offer a  Supported Rate and we are currently finding ways to enable this.  In the meantime we will do our best to support you to join a course and would appreciate if you could get in touch.

Rates for 2023:-
Standard Rate is £220.00;  Sponsor Rate is £260.00.